1970 Datsun 1600

Transmission problem
1970 Datsun 1600 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

My 1970 datsun pick-up clutch pedal is loose, I step on it and it goes all the way down, I cannot shift into any gear.
the truck was stored for about 5 years, when the clutch used to be fine.
i opened the reservoir and it was muddy looking.
what could be the problem?
when I took the cap off the reservoir and stepped on the clutch it squirts the fluid.
I kept doing it and added more fluid, until in got clearer.
but it is still the same.
is that normal?
what should I do?
March 26, 2010.

Fill the clutch master cylinder with brake fluid and bleed it by opening the clutch slave-keep bleeding it till it clears up-after bleeding it and pedal still goes to the floor replace the clutch master cylinder

Mar 27, 2010.
I have tried that but the problem is that when I open up he slave bleeding nipple, noting comes out.
Does that mean its a bad clutch master cylinder?

Mar 27, 2010.
Sounds like it-or there's restrictions within the hydraulic system-disconnect the line at the slave and see if it comes out that way-if so replace the slave

Mar 27, 2010.