2005 Nissan Altima

Electrical problem
2005 Nissan Altima 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 87000 miles

How do I get the alternator off of a 05 Altima. Looks like the whole motor has to come out. HA
January 13, 2009.

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To remove your vehicles generator (alt.) perform the following operations. This does require the removal of a few major components such as the radiator, so if you need further assistance with one of the removal procedures for a component such as the radiator, just let me know and I will post guidance.

Disconnect negative battery terminal.
Remove radiator.
Remove front/right-side engine undercover.
Remove drive belt.
Remove idler pulley.
Remove generator adjustable top mount, using power tools.
Remove generator lower mount bolt and nuts, using power tools.
Remove generator lower front bracket bolt, using power tools.
Disconnect generator harness connectors.
Slide generator out and remove.

Installation is in the reverse order of removal.
Torque bolts to specifications listed on diagram below.

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Jan 14, 2009.