1993 Nissan Altima

Re: 1993 Nissan Altima. Problem: Difficult to start, rough idle, and low RPM hesitation /stalling. I have replaced fuel filter, air cleaner, spark plugs, idle position sensor, distributor, O2 sensor, and coil. The exhaust system has been checked for good flow. EGR valve and MASS Air Flow sensor appears to be working in accordance with info in Mitchell manual. Fuel pressure is 42 - 44 lbs. Water temp sensor appears OK because once the engine is warm the fans cycle and the EGR valve cycles. Also, the ECM shows no faults – code 55. When the engine is cold, it runs almost flawlessly. Once the engine is warm, upon the application of the throttle, the engine stall/ dies, occasionally blowing backwards thru the breather. Please help me. Thank you, Thomas56a. Thomas56a@yahoo. Com
February 6, 2006.

Good investment there!
How about injectors?
Vacuum leaks?
Booster (brakes booster) no vacuum leaks there?
Carbon deposit on your valves? (Blowing backwards)
loks like not consistent fuel delivery.
Let me think about it.


Feb 6, 2006.
I disconnected the temp sensor to make the engine run in a continuous enrichened state. The engine does run better. If I manually shift my automatic transmition forcing the RPM to stay up, the car can be driven, but it still dies when reapplying the throttle. I haven't found any vacuum leaks either. I still haven't figured it out?

Feb 6, 2006.
I replaced the cap, rotar, & wires. Problem fixed! Even though I wasn't getting hit when I ran my hands along the spark plug wires, there was a internal failure within one of these components. Thanks for your sugestions.

Feb 18, 2006.