2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Transmission problem
2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 140000 miles

I just had the clutch replaced on my Eclipse. Now I have problems downshifting into 2nd or 4th gear. It doesn't seem to engage. If I want to downshift to 2nd gear, I can put it in 1st gear without releasing the clutch and then put it in 2nd gear and it works fine. Sometimes during a normal progression of shifting, the same thing will happen in 2nd and 4th gear, along with reverse. 1st, 3rd & 5th always work. Is there some type of an adjustment that is needed. This has got to be related to the clutch replacement. Thanks.
September 19, 2009.

Hi jkilger,

Thank you for the donation.

Seems the shift cables are out of adjustment. Here are the procedures for checking and adjusting if required.

1 . With transaxle select lever in "N" position, move gearshift lever into 4th gear. It may be necessary to depress clutch pedal. Loosen shift cable adjuster nuts (inside of vehicle).
2 . Disconnect cable end from shift lever pin. Tilt gearshift lever into 4th gear position. Hold lever in this position, and adjust shift lever cable until it aligns with shift lever pin. Ensure cable bushing faces cotter pin.
3 . Move shift lever between all gear positions. Ensure shift lever operates smoothly. Road test
vehicle to ensure proper adjustment and smooth shifting.

Place transaxle- side shift lever in Neutral. This will also place transaxle- side select lever in Neutral.

Loosen selector cable adjuster nuts (inside of vehicle).

With select lever in Neutral, adjust select cable end until eye fits easily over select lever pin. Tighten
adjuster nuts.

Sep 21, 2009.