2000 Mercury Villager

Brakes problem
2000 Mercury Villager 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 79000 miles

Lf brake locked up to the point of burning up pads I replaced both calipers and left brake hose still the Lf is not releasing when applied, all other wheels are fine I can open the bleeder and there will shoot out a stream of fluid(with a little pressure) and wheel will spin free but then when I apply the brakes it will not release unless I open the bleeder. There is a valve on master cylinder like a proportion valve and I can open the line there and it free's the Lf brake also, if I open the other line on back of m/c it stays locked. This car does have abs and the two m/c lines go into the abs pump valve( I assume) which transfers to all the wheels which are marked lf lr rr rf etc. I took of that proportion valve and it is very hard to blow through it but I assumed both front wheels would be locked if that was bad because it feeds the front brakes I assume Please help if you can. Ps I rechecked caliper and I can push it in by hand when off of car but I have to release air bleeder to push it in on car, it has pressure on it I can tell keeping it from going back in
April 22, 2009.

Hi, I have a 95 villager and I replaced the left front calibur and hose, then the ABS unit, the wheel still hang up and got real hot. I went to a mechanic and we looked at it togather and found and replace the master cylinder. It runs fine now. Hope this might help.

Jun 28, 2009.
I have the same problem with my 1999 villager.
I found out the 2 brake wheel cylinder in the rear wheels were bad. Rear pistons were not retracting. I found these after trying everything like replacing the ABS, MC, hose etc.
It made sense to me that with ABS system all brake components should properly.

Jul 5, 2009.