1997 Mercury Tracer

Brakes problem
1997 Mercury Tracer 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 125, 00 miles

Hi I drive a Mercury tracer ls. I have had a few problems throughout the four years of owning my car at first I thought I was crazy. My problem is while driving, my car's brakes go out and don't work fully. When I press the brake it kinda shakes and then stops shaking. I have to turn off my engine and restart it to make them work again. Thankfully It has only happened 3 time all of them with no one in front of me and at slow speeds. Also, when the whole brake thing happens my accelerator will go into affect. What is the problem?
February 26, 2010.

Does the brake pedal get hard to push.

Yes the break does become a litttle harder to push.

Mar 25, 2010.
I need you to check the large vacuum hose that runs from the intake to the brake booster. Make sure it isn't disconnected or dryrotted. If it is in good condition, vacuum test the booster to see if it holds vacuum. Something tells me there is a leak and you are loosing power assist.

Let me know what you find.