1999 Mercury Sable

1999 Mercury Sable 6 cyl Automatic 132000 miles

Recently, I was at a gas station, filled up my tank to full, and my car would not start. I just had my AC recharged that morning. After filling up, I put my key and the ignition and it just turned. It didn't crank or turn on. I had an oil change about 600mi ago and fuids and everything was fine. My lights are turn on and the car would not jump. The theft light blinks but the alarm is not on. What could the problem be and what would be an estimate to fix? Please Help Me. Very Much Appreciated.
April 20, 2008.

If still nothing, you need to check to see if power is getting to the starter when the key is turned. Make sure the connection is good at the starter. Sometimes you can tap on a bad starter and make it work temporarily.