2002 Mercury Sable

3.0L engine, 75,200 miles.
had a leaking power steering pump replaced. The new pump whines whenever you turn the wheel stopped or at low speeds. The dealership's service department says the noise is normal while the new pump goes through a break in period. It never made a noise before when the car (and pump) were brand new. Does a new power steering pump need a break in period?
January 29, 2007.

There is a procedure for this that the dealer should be aware of and done. It involves putting a vacuum to the reservior to purge the air in the system out.

So, I take it that there is not a " breakin" period required for a power steering pump?

Jan 30, 2007.
In a sense. A few days should be enough to allow air escape. Ford power steering pumps are more apt to need this bleeding procedure. I don't expect it to go away, without doing this.