1998 Mercury Sable

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Mercury Sable 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

Very novice " mechanic" trying to save money[regret it already] I changed a water pump, tried to replace belt afterwards and cracked the pulley that is opposite of the power steering pump, I have the tools to remove and press on a new pulley but cannot locate all the bolts to remove the [block that this is located on]
I am considering removing the radiator fill tank[located across from the pulley on the left side] to possibly gain access with the tools without removing the block the pulley is on

I have removed three bolts from the area around the power steeering pump and cannot budge it
any ideas to save me?
thank you Jack
November 2, 2009.

To remove power steering pump pulley
under the car remove two lower motor mounts nuts
raise engine, remove coolant tank,
use power steering pulley puller and remove/replace the pulley and No need to remove the pump out

Nov 2, 2009.