Mercury Mystique

Mercury mystic 1998 2.0 engine 141000
Just got the timing belt done
water pump was good he said and just did spark plugs. Now when he starts it he hears a pop than it dont want to stay started?
Please help before this it was hot overheated a little and started smoking with thesmoke coming through vents like it may be the heater core because it also blew cold air for heat right after that. Hes changing as I type the thermastat. And radiator hose?
he said it through a code before for o2 sensor or somthing like that. Some other codes it had on before I earsed them was p171 and 1380 1381.
please help is it a head gasket?
how to riule that out?
he stared it made pop noise stays on but idles down then doesnt want to start back up.
March 24, 2007.

P1380 Variable Cam Timing Solenoid A Circuit Malfunction
P1381 Variable Cam Timing Over-advanced (Bank 1)
Sounds like whoever did the timing belt didn't get it right!
As for the smoke it's probably steam coming from the heater core.

Mar 24, 2007.
Those were also read before he just did the timing belt yesterday. Now its not starting or starting and dying. Like he said it was runnign got hot and stopped I know thats a safety for newer cars but.
Did I blow a gasket? Or could that be just the heater core stopping the car to start after it got warm the first time he started it after doing timing belt and spark plugs, The only code its giving off now is something to do with the o2 sensor but would that really be the problem. I personally think after smoke went in my vents it was the heater core bcause now I have no heat just cold air and we just fixed the part where the wire burnt out by the fuse box. And fixed the heater, Please any suggestions would save me a headache
Thanks extremely for your fast responce : )

Mar 24, 2007.
Lets figure he knows how to put a timming belt on a car with variable valve timing. Next step now is a compression check cause it sounds like bent valves due to improper timming belt installation!

Mar 24, 2007.