2006 Mercury Montego

Brakes problem
2006 Mercury Montego 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 37000 miles

Im doing rear brakes because of metal on metal sound on passager side rear.

I have new rotors on both sides and new Pads.
Driver side assy went OK no problems
Passienger side I can not move the caliper back in.
I have the tool recommended
Barking brake appears visually to be working oK, Gave it a tap to make sure.
Caliper tool allowed to go CCW but again it will not go Clockwise. The piston is at max out.
Rick Bourdon
June 9, 2009.

Try collasping it with the bleeder open.
There may be a fluid restriction or a caliper problem on it.

I tryed cracking open the bleeder just enough to allow a little oil to flow and then tryed to screw the piston in. No luck.
I gues I could open it up more and try again

Rick Bourdon
Jun 9, 2009.
Caliper might be bad. IT should have gone in. I hate that kind of setup for brake calipers. Engineers get a little carried away in the over designing.

Ok tryed agian.
I think Im going to wait until tomorrow and try one more time with the teen ager holding on.
If that doesnt work I guess Im going shopping for a replacement caliper. More money, just great I was hopping to save a buck. Murphy strikes again.
Thanks for your quick reply it was apprecaited

Rick Bourdon
Jun 9, 2009.
Thanks for the donation.

If it doesn't go in with 2 of you, I'd get one.

I had this problem just yesterday on a 2005 Mercury Montego. I reset the driver's side caliper by turning clockwise, but when I got to the passenger side the piston ended up fully out by going clockwise. I then turned it counterclockwise and it reset normally. I don't know if this is common to all Montego/500 but it sure worked for mine. Good luck to all.

Jun 17, 2009.