Mercury Marquis

I have an 84 mercury grand marquis mileage approx 350,000 miles. Ran fine when I first got but due to trans problems it had to set for 2 years. And when I fired it up after 2 years it ran fine for about a week. Then started to idle rough. But when I gave it gas it ran fine. One day it decided to stall and didnt want to start so. I changed the distributor cap, wires, plugs, air filter, and voltage regulator. And it still does the same thing. I tried to change the fuel filter but I cant seem to find it. Anyone know where it might be?
September 18, 2006.

Thanks to the help of nobody I have taken it upon myself to remove the EGR valve and put a blockoff plate on it. Car seems to runs good now. But every now and than I hear a rod knocking. I think next time I change my oil il just put some thicker oil in it.

Oct 13, 2006.