2002 Mercedes Benz S430

Electrical problem
2002 Mercedes Benz S430 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 105,000 miles

When I set my alarm with my remote, the alarm automatically goe's off with lights flashing. When I dis-arm and re-arm with my remote, the alarm automatically goe's off again with the lights flash. Each time I arm the alarm system, this hapens. This is a factory alarm. I don't mine donating but lets see how it work first

Johnny King
February 23, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

There are numerous reasons for the alarm to trigger by itself .. could be a bad sensor/door switch etc, etc. .. I would have the vehicle plugged into a diagnostic computer to check for alarm fault codes stored on the cars PCM (computer)

hope this helps

Dave H
Feb 25, 2010.
Thanks Dave
I did go to a Mercedes shop today 2/25/10 and they found that my R& R PSE Pump (pump that open and close the trunk and doors) had some type of internal leaks which cause the computer to re act as if a door or the trunk was open causing the lights to flash.
Thanks Again

Johnny King
Feb 26, 2010.
We appreciate your donation and look forward to helping you in the future. Thank you

2CarPros Linsey
Mar 1, 2010.