2002 Mercedes Benz S430 • V8 Automatic • 151,003 miles

My windshild wipers stoped working. So a friend of mine looked behind the passenger seat fuse box and said I needed a fuse one was missing. It didnt make since 2 me because my wipers worker before without the fuse. But he gets a fuse of his anyway and puts it in. Saying it wouldn't hurt. Now my alarm goes of randomly, my lights flash, and dash says "displays defective visit workshop", "brake fluid visit workshop." I had to disconnect the battery because the alarm went of all night. Whae can I do? Please help
January 26, 2011.

I bought new key for Mercedes s430 2001 from dealer one of tecnitiian jump started the car and arlam make noise and he count stop it with responder and nothing happen he tray to start the start ones and die never turn key any more and arlam never come on any more and key wount turn

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Mar 17, 2013.