2005 Mercedes Benz C230

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2005 Mercedes Benz C230 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 50,952 miles

Hello I have a 2005 C230 Kompressor. The car just had its right upper and lower control arms replaced. I am getting a vibration when I take left hand turns on the freeway at high speeds 70-80mph. It only happens on left hand turns.
February 7, 2010.

Ok, it could be several things, it will need a safety inspection in order to determine, what exactly is causing this, tie rod ends, inner tie rods, ball joints(mostlikely), and swaybar/sway bar bushings and links, but you wont know until inspected, and there is no need to bring it to a mercedes dealer or any dealer for that matter, prices are just too high, a regular shop will suffice

It just passed a safety last Friday. The car had upper and lowers changed two weeks ago. On the 2005 C230 sedan the control arms and the ball joints are one unit. So all of them have been replaced on the the one side.

Feb 7, 2010.
Excellent, they may have overlooked something, I would still check tierods, inner and outer, and dont forget about the alighnment, some people like to take shortcuts and say they did the job, dont fall for it, the car isnt vibrating for no reason! Take a look at the tires for good measure, you never know, the tiniest of things can be causing this

They did fix the two lowers but didnt do it properly so they offered to fix it for free but I turned them down since they didnt do it right the first time and I just took it to Mercedes and spit the tab with them 4 new tires and two lower tie rods and the grand total was 1700 bucks

May 3, 2010.
Wow, what an ordeal, and what a price, I'm atleast glad you have your vehicle back to normal. Keep and touch