1976 Mercedes Benz 450sl

Engine Performance problem
1976 Mercedes Benz 450sl V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual 320000 miles

w ill do 2500 rpm in idle and only 1700rpm max going down the road. When you give more throttle then it will start to if you trie road. Wires are great and plugsalso when youtry to push it past 1700 rpm when you are going down the roadou get nothing. My cell #8054408986
July 1, 2010.

First, it's not a good idea to post your cell phone number in a public forum.

Now about your car.

You have at least one major vacuum leak. These engines rely on a known amount of carefully controlled air to run properly. Vacuum leaks introduce uncontrolled air into the system, and they make the engine run badly - or not at all.

Sep 24, 2010.