1994 Mercedes Benz 220cdi

Computer problem
1994 Mercedes Benz 220cdi Two Wheel Drive Automatic 6000 miles

hello!!!gd pm..can i ask you question? i have a problem about a mercedes benz C220 wont start i have finish check the fuel pump but its is ok the pump is functioning i already change the fuel filter but the problem is the fuel is not get inside the fuel injector the injector wont spray any amount of fuel level.. I had also finish check voltage of the injector but it is ok the reading is constant supply..Can you help me about my prpblem on this..How do i check the sensors it is ok?What do i ist want to do?

May 2, 2009.

There is a special tool you plug into the injector loom to check the injector pulse, is that what you're talking about? You have place your ad in the diesel section, and you are talking like this is a gas engine, re post your ad in the gas section, for someone else to help you.

Dr Loot
May 10, 2009.