1994 Mercedes Benz 200e

Electrical problem
1994 Mercedes Benz 200e 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

The 4 door courescy lights at the bottom of each door stay on continuously.
Yhe interior front light together with the ATTACH SEAT BELT light stays on.
Don Anderson
May 25, 2010.

Sounds as if one of the door switches is stuck, so it thinks the doors are open all of the time, that or the courtesy lights are turned on at the light switch. If switch is not on, start with the drivers door since it gets the most use. Locate the switch in the door frame or on the door that tells the lights to turn off and try wiggling it to see if it changes anything. You may need to access the wires to disconnect them one at atime until you find the one that is telling the lights to stay on

May 27, 2010.
I have gone around all door light swithes, given a wiggle. Have all the switches out and wires disconnected. All door lights still on plus rearint. Dome light. Would mention ia a door light is activated (pushed in) all mentioned lights reduce intensity, a very small amount and has to be watcxhed carefully to see. Removal of FUSE C cuts the lot out.

Front interior light and seatbelt reminder light stay on regardless of above. Can only cut out be removal of FUSE 9. Both fuse of course carry others circuits.

I have had a 300E for sometime on which everything works and Haynes workshop manual. This does assist a bit with comparisons. Haynes do not publish a manual on the 200E.

Thanks Don Anderson

Don Anderson
May 28, 2010.
My Mitchell doesnt list a 200E for 94 either. Does this car have a body computer? IF so it may not be shutting down the front entry lights even if the switches tell it the doors are shut. If the lights are not manually on, then this is the only other thing I can think of, especially without a wiring diagram to look at to see what controls the circuit

May 29, 2010.