2005 Mazda Tribute

Computer problem
2005 Mazda Tribute 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 96000 miles

Hi, I have just been told that my Mazda Tribute needs the following:

Powertrain control module
3 catalytic converters
6 ignition coil

The total quoted for parts and installation is $5,800 which is not in my budget so I am looking for options. I have been searching the internet and am seeing parts prices that are a fraction of the prices the dealership is quoting but without part numbers I cannot be sure that I am getting the right part. In addition, I am told that the PCM requires special equipment to program.

So, can you provide part numbers for the above and clarify that the PCM requires special equipment to program.

The VID#4F2CZ04135KM09899
February 6, 2010.

Part numbers are different for every parts supplier, so it's just call and tell them what you need, and yes the PCM does need to be programmed to your vehicle!

Feb 6, 2010.
Thanks for the quick response but I need more information, as for parts numbers varying by supplier I guess if I look up catalytic converters for a 2005 Mazda Tribute how do I know which are the right ones, of course the dealer is not giving me this information, I think that the PCM is a PCM but I need to know if it is special equipment that is needed to program it or is it something commonly silly like " turn the ignition switch 3 times". Do you think that $5,800 for parts and labor is reasonable? Been without a car for a week and am getting really frustrated. Please provide me with as much detailed information as possible. Thanks

Feb 6, 2010.
There is no easy way out on programming the PCM, it needs to be set up to work with the cluster and security mod. When you look for parts online, you need the year and the engine size, dont forget to buy new 02 sensors with the cats. Some local garages might be able to install the PCM at a more reasonable price, as more and more shops are getting OTC tools that can flash the PCM. Call around.

Feb 6, 2010.