1991 Mazda RX7

Engine Performance problem
1991 Mazda RX7 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 79100 miles

My RX7 floods out before it can start, this came on gradually but it runs great if I can get it started. At this point it trys to start but floods out before the engine can run. I have been told that I need a new engine but I need some answers before I go that route. Thanks. Joe Le Clair
Joe Le Clair
September 1, 2008.

IS this turbo or non-turbo?
Carbureted or fuel injected?
What liter engine?

What is the exact logic given to you that the engine should be replaced?

My assumption is if this has been happening for a while, fuel has got into the oil and caused some bearing problems on the lower end of the engine.

Fuel in the oil will clean parts instead of the oil lubricating them.

This is a non turbo.
It is fuel injected.
The owners manual says: Displacement cu in [cc] 40.0 x 2 [654 x 2]

Joe Le Clair
Sep 2, 2008.
What is the exact logic given to you why the engine should be replaced?