1985 Mazda RX7

Electrical problem
1985 Mazda RX7 Two Wheel Drive Manual 200000 miles

The car set a month and will not start. It seems to flood after trying to start. The front coil sparks all the time but the rear coil only fires once and then stops. Is this right? I interchanged coil wires and it still did the same thing. Only 1 plug fires all the time?
February 28, 2009.

Ok here is how it work. The distributor has a leading and trailing pickup coil inside and when the the leading pickup coil is triggered it send a signal to the leading coil and fires the leading spark plug, then right after that the trailing pickup coil does the same with the trailing coil and spark plug. So what I would test is the trailing pickup coil in the distributor. If you would like I can walk you through the test if you have a digital multi meter. Get bck to me

Feb 28, 2009.
Can the trailing and leading pickups simply be changed. How do you test for the trailing pickup. Please provide step by step.

Oct 9, 2012.
Follow the pick below for pick up coil testing it should read 600-700 ohms

Oct 10, 2012.
This is the plug between the ignitor and distributor.

Oct 10, 2012.