Mazda Protege

I have a 2002 mazda protege (rear brakes) I'm not much of a car guy but thought I would do my own brakes (pads) having a friend to come over later to help (show) me but thought I would see what I could do on my own before he got here when I took off the caliper to put new pads on there is not enough room to put back on over the rotor the pads are almost touching? How do I get them farther apart? Thanks for your help
April 2, 2006.

You need to open the brake fluid container under the hood and try to stuff a rag under it the best you can because you will have fluid overflow probably. Next while the caliper is off you need to find a way to depress the piston in the caliper probably using vice grips or a screwdriver. Do this only when the pads are off because you may crack or gouge the pad itself

May 5, 2006.
WEll you could try all you want to push the piston back with a pair of channel lokcs or a screw driver. But buddy it aint gonna happen with the rear calipers on a '01-'03. The rear calipers of a protege have to be turned back using an allen key.

Also the protege's have a rather common problem with seizing the pads in the caliper cages. So make sure the cage is filed/sanded out well

May 5, 2006.