1993 Mazda Navajo

1993 Mazda Navajo Four Wheel Drive Manual 230000 miles

where can I find the fuel filter, is there a diagram for replacing it?
June 4, 2010.


Fuel Filter


CAUTION: If fuel filter is being serviced with rear of truck higher than front, or if tank is pressurized, fuel leakage or siphoning from tank fuel lines could occur. To prevent this, maintain vehicle front end at or above level of vehicle rear. Relieve tank pressure by loosening fuel fill cap. Cap should be retightened after pressure is relieved. If vehicle is warm, change filter before pressure rebuilds.

Shut engine off. De-pressurize fuel system. Use caution to prevent combustion from fuel spillage.
Raise vehicle on hoist.
Remove push connect fittings at both ends of fuel filter. Install new retainer clips in each push connect fitting.
Remove filter from bracket by loosening filter retaining clamp enough to allow filter to pass through.
NOTE: "Flow" arrow direction should be positioned as installed in bracket to ensure proper flow of fuel through replacement filter.


Install filter in bracket, ensuring proper direction of flow as noted by arrow. Tighten clamp.
Install push connect fittings at both ends of filter.
Lower vehicle.
Start engine and check for leaks.

Jun 4, 2010.