1991 Mazda b2600

Electrical problem
1991 Mazda b2600 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual

Im having problems troubleshooting my no fire problem. I get good spark into the distributor but none at spark plug. I have replaced the cap, rotor and wires, and the distributor with a used one. Im trying to determnine if I got a faulty distributor or if the problem is elsewhere like ECU but I cant find a test procedure for my model. My distrib has either no ignition module or has it built in to the crank angle sensor as the plug terminal and sensor are all one piece. The wire harness going into the distrib has four wires and I can only find tests for three. Can someone give me the multimeter test procedure for my particular model?
May 30, 2010.

Check and test the crankshaft position sensor

May 30, 2010.
Thanks. Is that the sensor in the distributor, or the one on the side of the motor? How do I test it? I found a procedure to test similar dissy but dont know if the voltages should b the same. My original dissy has no voltage bips when I turn it and my replacement does have the bips but voltage is very low. The procedure im following says they should be 5v but another says they should be 0.4v cant find it for mine (part number t2t52971) what should they be?

Jun 5, 2010.