1988 Mazda b2200

Engine Mechanical problem
1988 Mazda b2200 Two Wheel Drive Manual 102333 miles

1988 Mazda B2200 wont start after replacing, plugs, wires, rotor, cap and coil. Whathappenned?
Cant figure what possibly could have gone wrong. Have done my own tune-ups before with no problem. Just finished putting plugs and wires on my 97 Buick Regal. Pulled my Mazda truck in the garage today and replaced the plugs, wires, coil, rotor, distributor cap and coil. The ignition system doesn't have points and condenser. My repair manual says its electronic. Have had this truck for about two years and am retired and use it for short trips and such. The only thing weird was when I pulled the old coil wire off from the old coil it had oil in the top where it connects. Stumped by that for sure. Thought this would be an easy job of tuning but to my dismay the truck instead of running better wont start. Put the old coil back on thinking it might be the new coil that was bad. There is no one but me here so I cant see if Im getting any fire. Checked all the plug wires and have a good connection. Checked everything and cant figure it out. Everything was replaced exactly as it was removed. Please help.

Make sure your firing order is correct. Which engine do you have?

Jun 18, 2008.
Went back and looked over plug wires and found they where in the correct firing order just moved one hole from number on the distributor which screwed up firing order and thus wouldn't start. How could I make such a stupid mistake. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Lol I have done it too on my truck. Make a mark for it on the cap if there isn't one

Jun 20, 2008.