1999 Mazda 626

Noises problem
1999 Mazda 626 4 cyl Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 144242 miles

We just bought a 99 mazda 626 and soon found out that when we start it up there is an obnoxiously loud squeak that happens. It will go away after a couple minutes but sometimes will squeak again at every stop. We were told the squeak may be due to our belts and have already tried to use the belt dressing with no luck. Very annoying and I think the neighbors are going to shoot me if I keep waking them up so early ; ) Please help.
March 7, 2008.

I have seen several alternaters on these seize up. It starts out like that. When it snaps the belt the water pump stops turning and overheats the engine causing a headgasket failure.

That's not good news but how do we fix this squeal?

Mar 8, 2008.
You need to verify the squeal.

Use a long handled screwdriver or similiar to use as a stethescope. The tip get placed on the item's body that you'll be listening to and the other end is placed on you ear. Listen to each component the the drive belt attached to and you'll probably be able to narrow down the source as the nosie will be loudest at that failing item.

It is also possible that there is weak tension being put on the belt.

To the previous posts. It isnt the alternator.

Sounds like your drve belt is loose.

Go to any garage and they will tighten it for you in 20-30 mins. And then you will stop waking up your neighbour. Lol

Mar 13, 2008.
Well it was a belt (not sure which one). It was torn up and had to be replaced.

As for the alternator, the friend who took a look at it said it may not have too much longer to live.

So perhaps you both were right. Thanks!

Mar 13, 2008.
You do what you want to do.I have seen this first hand and more than once. When it goes, you'll be driving, the symptoms come quick, the belt you replaced is going to shred again.

I'm just another jerk with an opinion maybe, but I can only tell you what I've seen.

To te previous post

no I didnt mean to offend you lol. I just intended to answer his problem. But you answered what caused the problem

: )

Mar 14, 2008.
I probably shouldn't have logged on last night, my day wasn't go too well and things setting me off. Lack of professionalism.

I had this same scenario with a customer and instead of listening to what I was telling him, he ended up blowing the motor.