Mazda 323

1991 mazda protege 323 1.8L, 285000 km. Where exactly is the thermostat located? Can I do it?
December 11, 2006.

Of course you can, its not rocket science. Follow the hoses from the radiator to the engine. One of the hoses will clamp onto a small housing, that is where the t-stat is. Good Luck

Dec 12, 2006.
When you do find it-and the Stat has a jiggle valve make sure you position it right and please! Dont put it in backwards.

Dec 13, 2006.
The t-stat is located on the upper rad hose on the cyl head just under the dist.

Be carful removing the bolt and nut holding the housing in, the bolt is hard to get onto with the coolant sensor in the housing, maybe take the sensor out before starting.

Cosmo. Mazda Tech

Dec 13, 2006.
In replacing the thermostat it is easier if you first drive up on ramps or jack up the front end with 2 jacks. Drain water out of radiator (simple drain plug bottom of radiator); remove the coolant sensor and radiator hose close to the thermostat. Be careful not to twist off the wire when you remove this (which I learned the hardway). In removing the cooling sensor it takes a SHORT Open ended 17mm wrench. The thermostat requires a 12mm ratchet. It is a lot easier if you remove the radiator hose near the thermostat as well. When you get it out this was the most difficult part for me (again I learned the hardway. Clean the old gasket off the engine & housing as clean as possible. It is very difficult to clean that part below the distributor and very hard to get to. Especially if you have large hands like I do. Anyway hope this helps. It's a great vehicle.I'm getting about 30m.P.G!

Have mazda
Jul 8, 2012.
Rick were you able to get that t-stat changed with all this help? I can see about trying to locate some images if not.

Jul 20, 2012.