1993 Mazda 323

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Mazda 323 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 106000 miles

My daughter's 323 has developed a stutter from cold.
It starts well enough - first time every time. It then idles between 800 and 1700 rpm. When pulling away it feels like it is not firing on all cylinders and is quite jerky and this continues whilst driving along, although if in a high gear and revving harder the problem feels less. If revved hard(ish) at a standstill there doesnt seem to be any problem. The problem seems to go away after it is fully warmed up.
Your thoughts gratefully appreciated.
September 21, 2009.

That sounds like the same problem Im having now and was having before I got it fixed. The only difference being mine runs better when cold as there is less resistance apparently. The first time I had the problem the mechanic told me it was arcing in the distributor and I got it replaced and it worked fine for a while. Now its doing the same thing again.

Sep 28, 2009.
Thanks for asking. I took it in to a friend's garage and he said he could hear one of the HT leads was faulty! So I changed them all for £20 and problem is cured completely!

Sep 28, 2009.