Lincoln Continental

I just got a new to me 1995 lincoln continental with 84,000mmiles. I am learning a few things as I am working around the car. My car bounces with everything that I run over, what is the problem there?
August 24, 2007.

Did they base their information or recommendation on a pressure check or did they give you their best guess? There are sensors like the crank or cam sensors that can cause similar problems. If the fuel pressure is low you know it is fuel related.

Bruce Hunt
Jun 6, 2007.
The looked at it and basically it was a best guest they didnt run any tests on it

Jun 6, 2007.
I've also had an ongoing problem with fuel pumps on my 1988 Integra overheating in the really hot weather (especially with the air conditioning on). The ENGINE QUITS AND WON'T START UNTIL I LET IT COOL OFF. Sometimes there is a loud hissing or whistle coming from in front of the left rear wheel well where the pump is located and the pump itself is way too hot to touch. It gets worse and worse until I have to replace the pump. Sounds like you may have the same problem. I know it gave me fits until I figured it out.

I know they finally started putting the fuel pump inside the gas tank to keep it cool!

Jul 22, 2007.
Your suspension is go'n bad. Ck ur shocks, air compressor & relay.

Aug 30, 2007.