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I have a 1999 Lexus Es300 with 80,000 miles and with a V6 3.0L enigine. The steering wheel sometimes vibrates and sometimes doesnt. What could possibly be wrong and what should I do to take car of the problem?
March 20, 2007.

Is it vibrating while moving?
(if so what speeds?)
or at idle?

It vibrates while idle. When I drive it doesnt vibrate but when I brake to a full stop or when I put it in P postion, it vibrates.

Mar 20, 2007.
Hey patchy.I have a '04 rx330 that had the same problem.

All I did was have the brake rotors re-surfaced and I also had to have the pads replaced on my front brakes, and the vibration was gone. If your rotors are too low to be re-surfaced, u might have to replace them, but its still quite a simple fix. Try that!


Jun 28, 2007.
If the symptoms happened while moving and braking, coyote might be on the mark. Since it happens at idle there is no logic to the brake rotors. I would start by checking the motor mounts. IF you brake rev it, both reverse of forward, is there much movement?

One other note to coyote, it is rare that rotors can be turned anymore and not end up pulsating a few months down the road. Not to say that will happen, just what I typically see.