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I recently bought a 1997 ES 300, V6 3.0 liter 150,000 miles. Though the car handles great, there is a clicking noise whenever the engine is running. I took it to a dealer and they said it had to do with my valvetrain. The unfortunate thing is that they didn't tell me anything else useful besides that it would cost $3000 to fix it. Though I do know that I could shop around for a lower price, I was wondering if it's something major, or simply an annoyance, also I was wondering would it be better to either rebuild/replace the engine and be more cost effective.
September 14, 2007.

Why don't you get it to another shop. Could be a valve/lifters/camshaft problem. Its considered a major repair if you have to remove the head. Somebody is pulling your leg on that 3K-don't say I didn't tell you.

I've been in dealers I know how they operate

Good Luck

Sep 14, 2007.
Ticking in the valvetrain on a modern V6 can be as easy as flushing/changing the oil. The hydraulic lifters on these cars are small Tylenol capsule size barrels in the tip of the rocker arm and they love to have clean oil to work properly. They are 9 bucks a piece but need a good rocker to work properly in. I would change oil and check noise again.

Sep 23, 2007.