2000 Lexus GS 300

Air Conditioning problem
2000 Lexus GS 300 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

how many hours labor is required to replace the compressor and clutch and remove and return the freon? Can the freon be reused if clean?

what should be the estimated cost for labor and freon, exclusive of the cost of the compressor and clutch in the north New Jersey area?
July 10, 2010.

For replacing the compressor and clutch plate / hub it will take in total approx. 4 labor hours. This does NOT include recovering and recharging system which will be an additional 1 1/2 labor hours. Looking at near $300 - $350 in labor fees alone.

Jul 10, 2010.
You confirmed the estimate my garage made. My garage did not shop the compressor price as aggressively as I expected, so I wanted to check the whole quote.

As he invited me to seek other compressor costs, I expect he will order the compressor from a source I select and install it at his regular rates.

Jul 10, 2010.
Not a cheap part. You could get a DENSO brand remanufactured for around $500. Other lower end brands will be around $350 - $400 for remanufacturered one.

Jul 11, 2010.