1993 Jeep YJ

Electrical problem
1993 Jeep YJ 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 109436 miles

Hi, I have a 93 Jeep Wrangler, the other day I drove the Jeep and it ran fine about an hour later I went to drive it again and it would not start, I dont here the fuel pump come on with the key, so I thought fuel pump went bad and droped the tank, I checked the pump hooked up to a battery and the pump worked, so I checked the harnes coming to the pump and with the key on my test light was real dim. Help Thanks DZ
February 21, 2009.

Check fuses check fuel pump relay
check ignition switch

Feb 21, 2009.
I had a similar problem on my 94 YJ. It ran fine, but then the check engine light would not come on when the ignition switch was turned on. This ultimately meant, for me, a new computer module (PCM). $500 new from our Chrysler friends.

Feb 23, 2009.