2005 Jeep Liberty

Engine Cooling problem
2005 Jeep Liberty 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 48875 miles

Hello, I am replace the water pump myself. Did I miss anything here - drain the the anitfreeze - remove the belt - unbolt the water pump - remove it and replace it with the new one do the steps in reverse. Do I need to replace the thermostat and the gaskett at the same time? Please help thanks
November 22, 2008.

Not necessary to replace thermo at same time but it is always suggested to do so as well as the gasket.

Here are the removal/installation procedures with torque specs for the 6cylinder 3.7L engine you have listed:

Drain the cooling system.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Negative battery cable
Fan and clutch assembly from the pump
Fan shroud and fan assembly. If you’re reusing the fan clutch, keep it upright to avoid silicone fluid loss!
Lower hose
Water pump (8 bolts)
Installation is the reverse of removal. Tighten the bolts, in sequence, to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm).

Water pump tightening sequence—3.7L engine

Nov 22, 2008.