Jeep Cherokee

2000 Jeep, cherokee, 2.5 engine and 120,000 miles.

I was going to put new plugs and cap on when one of the screws snapped off the distributor cap leaving about a half inch with no way to get it out. I tried to use vise grips, but with the lack of space I had no chance. Does this mean I will have to have a new distributor installed?
Thanks for any advise.
October 21, 2007.

Mark the distributor and the rotor and the block with chaulk so you can put your distributor back in the way it came out, then use your vace grips after you use some penetrating oil, get a real good bite so you don't round off the stud, then give it a quick slap. Should bust loose!

Oct 21, 2007.