1998 Jeep Cherokee

Electrical problem
1998 Jeep Cherokee 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

While hooking up a trailer to my Jeep, the trailer had a separate ground wire and when I connected it to my jeep the rear blinkers and rear flashers stoppped working. The blinkers in the front of the Jeep work but not in the rear.

I replaced all the bulds, ignition blinker switch, one of the blinker relays and fuse and still the rear blinkers do not work. I have totally disconnected the existing after market trailer light assembly.

I need to know how the ground works for this sustem, location where it makes contact to the vehicle frame. An understandable wiring digram for this vehcle would also help. Is their an inline fuse or a rear fuse for this system.
Richard orth
October 25, 2009.

Thanks for the donation. Left turn lamp-- dark green wire with red tracer is voltage. Black is ground. Ground location is near left tail lamp.

Oct 26, 2009.
Here are the wiring schematic.


Oct 26, 2009.
Thank you for the wire diagram, however it is unlegdable or in laymans terms its to distored to read. Can you please e-mail me or send me a good link to this diagram so I can use it to fix my car.

Where exactly is the ground located. I looked and could not find it?

What tests should I be conducting to resolve this issue?

Richard Orth

Richard orth
Oct 26, 2009.
Hi Richard,

I have sent the diagrams to your email.

Let me know if it is ok.

The grounds are near to the taillamps.

I believe there might be some fault with the wireharness. Recheck the harness wiring and compare the wire colors for the trailer.

Oct 27, 2009.