Jaguar XJ8

1998 Jagaur XJ8 with 101,000 miles

I just bought this car a week ago and the driver side window will not roll down and when I put the sunroof back and a few seconds later it closes. At first I thought it was because I hit the valet mode while test driving it, but I turned it off and both problems continue still. I think I can hear the motor running in the driver side window but I don't know how to take off the door panel to take a look at it from the inside. I don't have the money right now to pay to take it to a dealer so any help is appreciated. Thank you.
March 19, 2007.

I have a '98 xj8 that had the same two problems. I found on-line advice to disconnect the positive battery cable fo 30 minutes, and then reconnect. It fixed the driver's window and the sunroof both. Good-luck

Apr 19, 2007.
Doing a resett on the battery is a good start. Disconet the battery for 15 minutes put the modules in the car to sleep. What is happening is the module is getting confused. Possibly cause the battery voltage is getting low. The modules need exact voltage. If the battery is getting weak and the voltage goes below the threshold, the modules dont act right.

Nov 16, 2007.