2001 Jaguar XJ8

I am working on a 01 XJ8 (4.0L Engine) where the tail lights are not working. The bulbs were replaced previously, and after ensuring they were installed properly, checked and found no power to the tail lights. All the other bulbs on both the left and right side boards work fine. All the rest of the lights on the vehicle work fine, too. We checked all the fuses, and looked for information if there was any relay that was responsible for the tail lights, and found nothing. A buddy of mine suggested the Body Processing Module, and another friend has a car lot that we were able to swap one out, and still nothing on the tail lights. We are at a loss, and you are my last hope before the dealer (cringe). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
September 24, 2007.

The rear lights are controlled by the body control module. You must have a damaged wiring loom as all the lights are not working !

Dave H
Nov 26, 2009.