2001 Jaguar X-Type

Engine Performance problem
2001 Jaguar X-Type 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 63000 miles

how many 02sensors are there on the 3ltr petrol v6 engine. My fault code is poo37 and I need to replace sensor2 bank 1. It is after cat. Converter. Can you tell me where it is and which side is bank 1on the car?Im getting info that there is 4 02sensors 2before the cat. And2 after, are the two after the same type?
February 16, 2010.

Bank 1 is Right hand side (looking from drivers seat)
Bank 2 is left side

HO2 Sensor Downstream 1/2On bank 1 exhaust.
HO2 Sensor Downstream 2/2On bank 2 exhaust.
HO2 Sensor Upstream 1/1On bank 1 exhaust.
HO2 Sensor Upstream 2/1On bank 2 exhaust.

Dave H
Feb 24, 2010.