P0171 AND P0174 CODES

2000 Jaguar S-Type

Engine Performance problem
2000 Jaguar S-Type 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles

I need to know where is located the MAF sensor for the above car. I read the the MAF sensor should be cleaned but I don; t where it's located.
February 14, 2009.

The MAF sensor is on the engine air intake duct


A lean fuel condition can be caused by: * Low fuel pressure due to a weak pump or leaky fuel pressure regulator. (Use a fuel pressure gauge to check fuel pressure at idle)

* Dirty fuel injectors. (Try cleaning the injectors)

* Vacuum leaks at the intake manifold, vacuum hose connections or throttle body. (Use a vacuum gauge to check for low intake vacuum)

* Leaky EGR valve. (Check operation of EGR valve)

* Leaky PCV Valve or hose. (Check valve and hose connections)

* Dirty or defective Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). (Try cleaning the MAF sensor wires or filament with aerosol electronics cleaner. Do NOT use anything else to clean the sensor, and do not touch the sensor wires)

Feb 14, 2009.
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Feb 14, 2009.
Look for vacumm leaks. The vacumm elbows crack and leak on these cars. The one elbow you can see on the back of the engine. The other one is under the lower intake assembly. Take it to a should, just don't put a MAF sensor in it.

Feb 15, 2009.