1996 Isuzu Bighorn

Noises problem
1996 Isuzu Bighorn 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

My Isuzu Bighorn makes a chaffing noise coming from front right most noticeable when driving arounf town and when throttle not on. Replaced brake pads but noise still there. Is this likely to be wheel bearing, if so how do I fix it.
November 1, 2010.

Im not sure what you mean by " chaffing" ? If it is a grinding type noise that gets louder as you go faster than it is most likely a wheel bearing.

When I say " chaffing" I mean like the sound of a tyre rubbing against a mudflap, it isnt very loud but it just started doing it after coming home from a trip out of town. I wouldn't describe it as a grinding noise and it doesn't get louder with speed. Thanks for the reply.

Nov 2, 2010.
That doesn't really seem like a wheel baering then. It could simply be a tire rub issue, have you inspected the tire clearance to ensure any plastic fender well material hasn't came loose? Also under the front of the vehicle there is usually plastic that tends to come loose and start rubbing on the ground and etc. While driving.