1999 Isuzu Amigo

1999 Isuzu Amigo 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

My 1999 izusu sometimes will not start right away. And needs some extra cranking to start. The engine light is on as well. Ownly when the engine is cold do's the engine have starting issues. Other than that the engine runs great. The engine statrs fine when hot.
Matt Andreasen
April 15, 2010.

Ok first if you would get the car scanned so we can see what the car is trying to tell us. Call around to your local parts stores and see if one will do a free scan and have them scan it and write down the P codes. Then have them clear the codes and get back to me with what you find and we will take it from there.

Apr 16, 2010.