1993 Infiniti G20

Air Conditioning problem
1993 Infiniti G20 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 155000 miles

Greetings, I have 1993 G20. Recently purchased from original owner. Car runs and looks excellent. However the A/C compressor has begun to make a whining noise from the pully. I took to mechanic and he wanted to replace. I am hesitant because the air is ice cold. I was speaking to someone at auto parts store and he advised you can lubricate the compressor by putting a lubricant in the system. He showed me product and hose to connect to system. I would never attempt such a process, however if there is a solution available other than replacing the compressor I would like to do so. Can you advise if such a solution exists? Thank you, Terry
August 18, 2008.

Well if you have r134, then all you have to do is shoot some oil into the lowside port, if it has to be retrofitted then you will lose all of the coolant in the system because you have to remove the old ports and put the new ones on amongst other things, receiver dryer etc. R134 was fully implemented in 1994 but there were several makes in the latter part of 1993 that were given r134 when manufactured

Aug 18, 2008.
Thanks for response. Am learning more as I go along. That wil take care of bearing noise? Thanks

Aug 19, 2008.
Yes, that about sums it up

Aug 20, 2008.