2001 Hyundai Tiburon

Heater problem
2001 Hyundai Tiburon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 211000 miles

I have a 01 hyundai tiburon, manuel, my vehicle keeps on overheating after I had fixed my cylinder heads, and water pump about six months ago. I kept on putting water in the radiator and took out the thermostat. A couple days ago I decided to put the thermostat back in and use 50/50 mixed. However, my vehicle still overheats. The radiator does have rust in it and the coolant drains constantly. Any ideas as to why my coolant drains quickly.
September 13, 2010.

Coolant shouldn't leak at all, if it is going down in the radiator than you will need to find the leak. This could be a cracked radiator or faulty heater core among other things such as bad hoses.

Sep 29, 2010.