2002 Hyundai Sonata

Engine Performance problem
2002 Hyundai Sonata 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 70500 miles

when ever I fill up the car, it very hard to start, it turns over many times like it is not getting gas. And if it does start it will not idle by itself. Once I have it running for a couple minutes it will start fine and run fine unitl I fill up with gas again. I am thinking it is the pressure in the gas tank needs to build up to run. But would that be because the fill filter is getting clogged? Or the fuel pump is not working correctly, or somthing else?
February 10, 2009.

Hi alBundy,

Thank you for the donation and sorry for the delay in answering.

Your problem seems peculiar and the is no technical explanation for such a problem. There are no neccissity for any pressure buildup etc to restart after refilling.

Did the Check Engine Lamp shows anytime while driving?
Did you try to retrieve for Diagnostic Trouble Codes?
I would sugget trying the following if it helps. Before starting, turjn ignition switch ON for 2 secvonds and OFF, turn ON again for 2 more seconds and retry starting. Let me know if there are any difference.

Feb 13, 2009.
I have taken the gas cap off to release the pressure and then I started the car just fine. I then went to a gas station and fill up and they tired what you suggested. To the Car to the on position but not start it, let it sit for 2 sec, I then turned the car off and turned it back on and it still started hard. I would turn over but No gas was getting to the engine. Even when it started it would not idle be itself. I would have to give it gas and wait about one minute then it would idle by itself.

Feb 23, 2009.
Seems something is causing the fuel pump not to work when fuel is added to tank. I would suggest checking if there are any contaminants in the fuel tank. They could be churned to affect the fuel pump when refilling.

Apart from above, I could not find any other data or reasonable cause for the problem.

Feb 23, 2009.