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I sure hope someone can point me in the right direction. Hyundai Elentra 2000, 61,000 miles. I was driving my car and I could feel like a chug, such as poor gas to the engine. My car died, I was able to start up right away. Two days go by, no signs of any trouble. I drove aprox 20 minutes and again felt that chug, then a sound of a " click" and the card died. I sat for 20 minutes trying to figure out my next step. The car started I was able to drive a couple miles, the samething happend. Sat for a bit, drove again. The longer I let the car sit the farther I could drive. Anyone give me some thought of what it could be? Words are possible problem with the Egine Control Module. [I: c77838f7d0]**** the car dies whether I am sitting or[/i: c77838f7d0] [i: c77838f7d0]driving **** [/i: c77838f7d0]Estimate 600 dollars for that thing from Hyundai. Thanks!
April 7, 2006.

Test the crankshaft position sensor and it's wiring/connections.

If you do need a computer, try a junkyard,

Good luck and let us know. : )

Apr 7, 2006.