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I can't figure out how to remove my door panels on my 2005 Hyundai Accent GT. It has 33068 miles and it has a 1.6L engine. The door panels are all manual, and it's the window crank that I can't seem to get off. I've looked for a clip and for a screw but there doesn't seem to have either one. How do I get the panel off and what am I missing? I am trying to install new speakers in both doors because they are both blown. Help please I can't stand it anymore and I've been trying for weeks to figure it out. Thanks, Merlin.
May 24, 2007.

Hello I am a Hyundai tech to the rescue lol, there is a clip it is behind the base of the handle it is just hard to see, there is a tool to remove door handle but isnt needed u can take a big rebular screw driver and pry at the base of handle while pulling out wards on handle it usually pops off

May 27, 2007.