2002 Hyundai Other

115K miles, automatic trans

Took my car in for a new tire and oil change, and the dealer says when they were changing the oil they noticed that the transmission cooler is seeping fluid, and the cost is about $305.00. (This is after they told me I needed new front breaks and a new battery, so at this point I'm a little skeptical). I told them to hold off on the coolant issue since I need the car back today. Anyway here are my questions:

1. How safe is the car to drive? I'm planning on taking it back in a week.
2. Does the repair really cost $305? Is it that much because the whole radiator needs to be replaced?

Thanks for your help.
November 2, 2007.

Did anyone ever answer your question? According to the oil change guys, we have the same problem. Thanks!

Jun 17, 2008.
Its very possible. The transmission cooling lines run down near the front frame, then up and around to the transmission cooler which is in front of the radiator. If you look through the lower part of the diamond-pattern grill (the one without the H logo on it), toward the driver side of the car, you can see it.

They do this on purpose so air flows in and over the lines to cool them as you drive, but if you live in a snow area that also means salt gets splattered all over these lines and they rust quickly. If you live in a snow area anytime after 60,000 miles expect your transmission cooler lines to rust and leak. Same with the power steering cooling line as it runs around the same area (but on the passenger side) and is made of the same metal.

If you're leaking transmission fluid you should get this repaired as soon as possible, before you risk driving with little to no transmission fluid and damage your transmission. That will cost you much more to repair.

The lines themselves are not too expensive, you'll probably pay triple their price in labor.

Oct 21, 2009.