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I have a 1999 Hyundai Sonata. V6, 135,000 miles. When the car is shifting to 2nd gear it will rev up real high then slam into gear. After it does that when I try to take off from a stop it feels as if something is holding it back. After it slams into gear the check engine light comes on an the code reads, EVAP emmissions controle leak large. I have taken it to the shop and they told me that they checked all my cilanoids and said they where good so he did a trans flush thinking it would fix the problem and it didn't. So I have no idea how to fix it. And autozone does not sell a book. Can you please help.
October 10, 2007.

There two separate problems, the evap leak is emission related and the lower concern right now. The transmission is probably shot based on your description adn the track record for those. They are a tempermental transmission that needs the fluid and filters changed more often than most. IF it were mine I would have changed it every 15,000 miles.

There is a manual available here:

[Thank you soooo much 4 ur advise. But what I dont understand is if they are 2 different issues then why 1second after my car slams into gear the check engine light comes on and reads the EVAP code. After I turn off my car the light turns off until the next time it slams into gear. Thankyou so much 4 taken the time to help me. The last shop I took it to for a trans flush the guy tryd to rip me off $260.00 + 75.00 for labor JUST FOR A TRANS FLUSH!

Oct 10, 2007.
I understand the issue, but the evap system only has to do with controling the vapors of the fuel. I am more leaning toward the jolting is causing a movement in the evap system. I may be dead wrong, but I don't see a realtionship of the transmission shifting and the evaporative system other than the abrupt movement of the poor shift.

I had the same problems, I changed the input and output speed sensor and vuala, the problem went away.

Nov 27, 2007.