1996 Honda Prelude

Air Conditioning problem
1996 Honda Prelude 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 168000 miles

I was driving and my ac just randomly stopped working, the ac had always blown really cold. A blinking orange light started with the ac problem, I'm not sure if the light is the rear defroster or if it is the heater. However, whenever I attempt to turn the ac on the blinking light comes on, when I turn off the ac the blinking light turns off. I have tried recharging my ac with R-134a to no avail, the gauge read a really high pressure yet nothing changed other than the blinking light turned off while the ac was turned on for about a minute, maybe less. I found a wire that connects to one of the fans that was rubbed through so I spliced it and that didn't fix anything either. I have no idea why the ac would stop working unless it was that one broken wire which I fixed. I think if that was the case maybe it blew a fuse, however, I cannot find a fuse in either of the fuse boxes that says ac. Do you have any ideas on what could be the problem? Or What fuses relate to the ac unit? I have found a lot of forums in which people have had problems with the ac control unit needing to be re-soldered, could that account for any of the problems I'm having?
September 3, 2010.

Hi ccssl,

Is it the A/C system that is not cold or the blower fan stops blowing?

Sep 7, 2010.
It is the ac system that is no longer cold. The blower fan still works just fine.

Sep 22, 2010.
When A/C is not blowing cold, check if the compressor is engaging or cycling on and off.

Note if the cooling fans are working.

As to the Orange blinking light, which is it? A picture of the component would help.

Sep 23, 2010.